Monday, 23 March 2015

The Cathford Group Credit Inc.: 5 Tips when applying for a personal loan

We've all been there -- wanting to fund that overseas vacation since forever but can't seem to find the money for it. Here's where a personal loan comes in handy. Taking a personal loan could be a good option since it does not require you to have any collateral (e.g. car, house, etc.) that can be lost in case you default. But precisely because of that, lenders will charge a higher interest rate as a sort of guarantee.

To guide you in applying for a personal loan, here are five basic tips from The Cathford Group Credit Inc.:

Know your credit report. A primary factor in determining if your loan would get approved is your credit score. All lenders would definitely consult your credit report when deciding if you're worthy to borrow, and how much interest rate to charge you if so. It will benefit you to get an idea of your credit standing so you should request for your credit report and make sure it has accurate and complete information. This will prevent all kinds of hassles in the future and will also let you know just how much interest rate you can be eligible for.

Decide how much you need. Your chances of getting approved are higher if you apply for as little amount as possible (based on your income). For instance, if the amount you ask is significantly lower than your current income, your lender might be willing to make considerations even with a low credit score.

Decide how much you can pay. You should decide early on just how much you can afford as monthly payment once the loan goes through. When you've calculated this, ask your lender for a payment plan where you can return the money in as little time as possible using the monthly budget you've determined.

The Cathford Group Credit Inc. warns that you should be aware of repayment penalties that might be included in your deal. Some lenders could have this penalty fee for when a client pays off the loan early so make sure the loan you're getting doesn't have this.

Be honest. When a lender tells you they do not require papers as evidence of your actual income, there's a big tendency for you to overreport. It is not only advisable to be honest in reporting your income, it is imperative. Claiming an income which you cannot support with valid documents is a sure-fire way to get your loan denied and has the potential to land you in jail. Always make sure you provide all the necessary documents, even when you think it won't improve your chances of getting approved.

Don't push your luck. Sometimes, people would apply for a personal loan that they're aware they won't get approved for -- you know, just to try it. Aside from the fact that there's a lot of effort involved betting on this wishful thinking, it can also make things difficult for you when you apply for a loan for real. See, every single time you apply for a loan, it gets included in your credit report. But things won't get bad until an application gets rejected -- your future lender will ask all kinds of questions regarding that and will make them see your credit standing in a bad light.

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