Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valuable Tips from Cathford Credit Inc.: The Painless Way to Purchase a House

In the past, communal ownership was the rule and private property was inexistent. The land was not even owned by any person or family but by the unseen spirits. In essence, people believed that the land owned the people. Because we have lost this valuable concept and taken to ourselves the exclusive ownership, control and transfer of real estate, so much has changed and even resulted into adverse use of land, strained relationships and even so much violent conflict which continues today.

Today, our laws provide rights and limitations to such rights to ownership of property. We have come a long way to establishing a sense of order and equity as far as owning and using real estate property is concerned. Hence, every person dreams of owning a house of one's own. That is true even for those who are born into wealthy families and who have already so many houses. Being able to claim and to say to oneself or to others that your name is attached to a property is a powerful thing in almost any context.

But owning a house is not as simple as buying phone or a bicycle. Aside from the price of the property, you have to consider costs for repairs, taxes, unpaid utility bills, perhaps, and so many other pertinent things.

Cathford Group Credit Inc. has several tips to provide home buyers, especially first-timers. Here they are:

1. Get the help of a professional realtor which is the first and most important step of all for it will save the buyer a lot of trouble and unnecessary expense.

2. Get a loan pre-approval by consulting with a Cathford Group Credit Inc. realtor who can refer you to a loan expert or a bank who will furnish you a pre-approval letter. Based on your qualifications, you can get a pre-approval letter which will provide the realtor a way of assessing your options.

3. Be open and honest with your realtor and lender as they will need accurate information regarding your capacity to purchase the property. Filling out forms about your net worth or credit is a vital part of closing the deal and maintaining a viable agreement free of trouble.

4. Ask questions so that you are clear about what you are getting into and what is expected of you. This is the sure way of preventing problems that may arise later on since you did not fully understand or clarify some issues.

5. Let the realtor do the negotiations for you in order to prevent your emotions from encumbering the process. The realtor is there to work for your benefit by getting the best price for the property. Unless you know the job, it is better off letting experts do it.

6. Be aware of the time frame needed in closing the deal since a property may not be in the market for long. Make all communications with your loan adviser, your realtor and the seller as promptly as you could. When deciding whether to buy or not, make the decision within the period given to you or you might lose the opportunity to own the house.

Remember that all the pain and trouble of going through all these steps will be all worth the pleasant and triumphant feeling of entering your new property. Every climb up a mountain always gives that exhilarating experience; so, endure the trouble of reaching that final moment of success.

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