Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Cathford Group Credit Inc.: A Different Way of Doing Business

Cathford Group Credit Inc. not only believes in being different for a good reason, it also strives to act in a way as to make people truly believe they can also be different and can overcome common and extraordinary obstacles often put in their way to achieving their precious dreams.

First and foremost, Cathford Group Credit Inc. Tokyo, Japan, believes that every person deserves access to credit in order to provide them opportunities to attain their potentials. Cathford's simple mission as a company then is to "provide easy and convenient ways for consumers to obtain access to the credit they need".

If anyone has a need for a personal loan from $1,000 to $10,000, Cathford Group Credit Inc. can provide it any time it is needed. And it can be done conveniently online from the company's centrally-located office in downtown Chicago. Being a subsidiary of Cash America International, Inc., a NYSE-listed firm (CSH), Cathford has the facility, ability and resources to fulfill its mission and to enhance its delivery of their service to its clients.

Internally, Cathford Group Credit Inc. is a compact, focused and an unabashedly personal company, ready to deliver the best solutions to their clients. The company's capable developers, customer support specialists and other members stand ready to satisfy clients' needs to make the experience of acquiring their loan easy and convenient indeed.

Often loan applications are disregarded or disapproved due to a single criterion, parameter or number. Cathford has transcended this petty decision-making norm by developing a strong decision strategy which takes into account several factors and not just credit score to qualify a loan applicant as well as to customize the loan package to suit the borrower's specific needs.

The simpler the process, the better for everyone concerned. And the less stress involved the better for everyone as well. These are the guiding principles for Cathford. Hence, it strives to offer simple, fast and unencumbered access to funds through online "no hidden fees" policy. The moment we see so many requirements and so many intricate conditions, a warning sign lights up telling us either something fishy is going on or some hidden agenda are present. Not for Cathford, the less complication and the more readily one gets what one needs, the better for the productivity of all concerned.

This may sound naïve and even unbelievable in today's financial norm; but it has been that way for Cathford for years. Don't take our word for it; find out for yourself and call Cathford Group Credit Inc. today.

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